Welcome fellow Earthlings

Virgin Gorda, BVI

What does it mean to live the dream you may ask? Think way back too when you were a kid, what was your insane most wildest dream? I’m sure you changed your mind a few times but there should be one that sticks out. Did you hold onto that dream? Or did you settle and take the safe route by falling into societies mold. Its more than fine if fell into the mold .. almost everyone does. It is the safer route. Those of you who decided to take the road less traveled, hold onto that spark and never let it go!

There is a weird phenomenon that occurs as we all grow up, eventually we all start to lose sight of the magic in the world. Don’t think I’m crazy for this statement! It’s the cold hard truth. If you don’t believe me well sorry – but your living in denial.

This whole blogging idea is something I have been toying with for quite a while. Now, I am not saying for a second that my life is amazing and over the top. It’s a work and progress and I’m learning along the way. My life motto these days is well.. fuck it (please excuse my french). That being said, what I will say is my life is wicked weird! I think what I’m attempting to say is I want to live my life while I still have a life to live.

Currently sitting here in coffee shop in my hometown it just dawned on me… no one may even want to read this. Its cool I get it! Cant be everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t really plan on it either. If you have made it this far, I can promise you one thing. I will most likely without a doubt have grammar mistakes and even spelling issues. Sorry in advance but with time maybe that will get better. Fingers crossed on that one.

Here is a little about me.. I am a 23-year-old wanderer from a little town outside of Boston, Ma.  My grandfather likes to refer to me as the modern-day hippie. Which is pretty accurate. I can honestly say without a doubt, I have not a single clue what I want to do with my life. Its kinda scary this unknown, I have friends my age with kids and married already. While I am always scanning discount airlines for deals. I’m 100% motivated by the fear of being average.

Any who, I don’t want to lie to you guys. I have no idea where this blog will go. I am starting right now with the goal of shaping it towards a travel blog but also have pieces of my weird everyday life. Traveling is my dream always has been always will be. But honestly, I don’t think it should be strictly limited to just that. Life is an adventure, I can honestly say I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. My hope is I will be sitting on a beach drinking a margarita instead of watching the snow fall. But, if worst comes to worst guess I’ll be outside making a snowman instead.

So welcome to my blog! I swear as time goes on I will have some kick ass stories for you about my travels and how my life has constantly taking weird twists and turns, just be patient y’all have to trust me on this.

So stay groovy my friends! And never forget to live the dream!


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