Fear of the Unknown


St. Maartin – Simpson Bay

Life is a funny thing, its made up of all the choices and actions you decide on. The thing is no matter how good of a plan for the future you have, it can always fall apart in seconds. I will admit I did have a few major mile stones I wanted to accomplish just like anyone else. Graduating college with a degree in Respiratory Therapy was one of them. A wrench was thrown right into the middle of that! A week before graduation I was called into a meeting to be told I didn’t pass by less than 1 point. Yes, that slim of a margin. Not going to lie I was devastated.. Never in my schooling history have I EVER worked so hard to achieve good grades. Clearly at times it’s not good enough.

Sitting across the table from the heads of the department, I didn’t hear one single word they said. Yes, I could see their mouths moving but I still couldn’t hear anything. You know I’m movies when a person gets such shocking news everything slows down and becomes fuzzy. But it reality the worlds still going a mile a minutes ..? Well that’s exactly what happened. Towards the end of the shell shocking meeting I finally found my voice. I did not beg or plead to do anything to do an assignment to get those two points and walk with my friends. Instead, I looked at them both said; “My family and friends are healthy and safe, worst things could be happening. I’m going to go and finally live and adventure like Ive been waiting my whole life to do.”

My teachers, the heads of the department, looked at me like I had five heads. Which is cool because I personally always wanted to be an alien. They later told me never had they seen someone with that response to failing out of school before. Thinking about it now, I believe it’s because I was now free of the hell I spent two years of my life living.

A week later, I was at the airport with a big yellow L.L. Bean bag flying to Florida. My goal was to get a job on a super yacht and travel the world. With a little direction and guidance, my dream came true. I was on a boat two weeks later on my way to the Bahamas as a second stew. For the last 8 months of my life I have lived my dream! It was a whirlwind of an adventure and I crave for more.


The fear of the unknown is a real thing. If you haven’t experienced it then you need to get up and make something happen. I’m not telling you to get fired from your job or  run away. Lets not be crazy, don’t need you blaming me for having your life in shambles. I have more than enough on my plate over here. Im saying, if the chance arises where and you’re in a similar boat I was in… Make something happen, take charge and take a leap of faith.

Sitting at Logan International Airport I wasn’t scared of what I was getting myself into. It was more the unknown possibilities of what could happen. Was I going to make it or end up on a flight home? My success in the yachting industry was completely on me.

If you take anything from this post, take this and keep it with you! Fear of the unknown is healthy! You will either take it and thrive or let it eat you alive. It takes a certain type of person to live that lifestyle .. I completely encourage you to take a walk on the wild side! It’s good for your soul.

Stay groovy my friends!



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