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This post isn’t exactly a traveling post or my weird adventure stories. Instead, this is something that came to me on my drive to work. Being somewhat to do with travel and how we share our experiences, I thought it was a good fit.

Something I can’t seem to wrap my head around is why are people so envious of others lives? Everyone has experienced this at some point or another, I myself included. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t. We are all guilty of creeping on someones social media to no end just drooling over pictures. I have without a doubt, in fact I still do.

My question is why? I’m not even sure why I do it. Their lives just look so glamorous, I guess, I wish in way it was me on in those pictures but instead I’m sitting on the couch scrolling down my feed. Have you ever stopped for a second to wonder if those people are really as happy as they look in that photograph? Social media is the number one way to make your life look a million bucks. The real question remains, is it? I wonder how happy some of these famous instagramers really are. I think that’s the scariest thing about it all. In person maybe they are can falling apart by the pieces but us followers would have no idea since they look happy as a clam in their post earlier.

Someone recently told me that they always creep on my social media, this stumped me. I never thought I would have that type of effect on people. I honestly don’t think my life thats exiting but everyone has their own opinion thats the great thing about this world. I mostly post my photos because I’m proud of them. Photography is one of many loves in my life. I don’t get to take pictures as much as I like or develop negative like I once had the luxury of doing. I never really thought that people would look at them that way. I personally don’t want people jealous of my life in that way. If your life is that boring, get up and change it. Do more of what makes your soul happy.

What I see when I look back at my posts, is the day I swam with my very first sea turtle, took my sisters to the beach, or the day I watched my brother playing lacrosse on his senior night. Besides being proud of them, they stand as a portal, back to that day. Memories tend to fade over time but whenever I tend to look at a photo it brings it all right back.

Even as I write this, I don’t think there is a real answer to why we creep on people posts. I’m sure there are good reasons such as jealousy and stalking and such. I honestly think its something more. And the truth is I can’t exactly put my finger on it.

I leave you with this though. If you have something you want to share, post that shit. Be proud of what you do with your life. Don’t do it for the likes and to show off. I am constantly sharing my traveling photos, what good with they do sitting on a hard drive not being enjoyed. Just maybe stop and think for a small second, do you really need to be scrolling back in someones timeline that far? You could be missing something amazing happening right in front of you, instead you’re looking down at your phone. Maybe save those moments for when you’re in an awkward situation and need an escape.. that’s an idea for ya! For instance running into your ex.. you have full permission to stalk my page if needed to avoid.

Stay groovy my friends!


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