Turtles & Hiking

St. John, USVI


Is it sad that I’ve lived 23 years of my life and had never slept in a tent until just recently? Well yep, its true. I’m a little upset about this not going to lie.

My first solo weekend tenting adventure was in no place other than the Caribbean. St. John to be specific. As you may have read in my previous posts, I work on yachts. Now trust me I will post about that on a later date, don’t worry! In fact there will most likely be many posts about it.. just be patient. Any way, boats are only so big with so many places to hide. After a span of 6 months with my amazing crew I was over due for some me time. Finally.


At the time the boat was docked in St. Thomas, which was my home for about 3 months. Being the curious wanderer I am, staying in one location for a while is hard for me. Being a person who absolutely loves being outdoors especially hiking, St. John was the place to be. Well thats what the locals all said. And let me tell you they were correct.

One Friday afternoon after work my first mate drove me to the ferry with nothing but snorkel gear, my backpack, and go pro. Taking the 6 dollar water ferry over to the island which is cheaper than an Uber ride back home.   Having never been on this island before and having zero cell phone service I starting walking. Immediately, you get off the ferry into a little town lined with shops that was insanely cute! I advise you to go immediately. I believe it’s called Cruz bay but I guess you will find out once you go.

This weekend was the weekend for first for me. Along with sleeping in a tent, I hitch hiked over to cinnamon bay in the back of someones pick up truck. I actually hitch hiked the whole weekend whenever I was too tired from hiking.. yes I lived. May it of been dangerous ? probably but I would do it again? Probably. It was an extremely freeing and liberating feeling looking out over the island and ocean. I don’t know if it was knowing it was danger that turned my excitement up exactly but I’m happy I did it. And of course lived the tell the tale.

Snorkeling is unlike anything else.. snorkeling with the this turtle is like being on cloud nine. I swam with this little guy for almost 2 hours around the bay.  Thank goodness for my parents getting me a go-pro so I could capture this! ( I will post videos soon) I would of stayed longer but the sun was setting and at that point I was the only one left swimming. I prefer my picture to not end up pasted on a milk carton as missing, so sadly I dragged myself out of the water.

The next two days I spent on the islands many hiking trails or snorkeling the bays. This island truly is amazing and if you haven’t been, book a trip immediately. Everything about being able to be in the tropical woods then hike down and be swimming in 83 degree water with sea turtles is pure MAGIC.

Spending that weekend away refreshed my soul in everyday possible. No better form of therapy being lost in a place where no one knows you. If you don’t know that feeling well sorry you are really missing out!

Stay groovy my friends!


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