Trying to be a Modern Day Pirate



Do you ever wonder what it’s like to live on a mega-yacht and travel the world? Well let me tell you it has its ups and downs. Now before you read to far.. I’m not a guest, owner, or lucky enough to charter one.  I am crew, a stewardess specifically.  Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to be a guest and get to live the good life. Sadly, I don’t have that luxury and need to make a living like most 23 year olds. Fortunately, I have found a way to make money and do what I love.

First off, for the past 8 months of my life I lived on a  multi-million dollar yachts that was constantly on the move. I sailed the whole Caribbean from Guadalupe up to Florida and it was one hell of a ride! I’ve seen volcanoes, been in hurricanes, served drinks to  famous latin singers, and partied my ass off.

Many of you may of heard of the show below deck on bravo.. yes that’s pretty much my life but it’s not exactly what you may think. Its Tele people! Remember not everything you watch or see is actually reality.

A normal day when not on charter includes cleaning until you can’t see straight. This would include everything from dusting, vacuuming, ironing, and whatever else you can think of. Today I can officially say I’m pretty much a professional with the cleaning products. When on charter you do ALL the cleaning multiple times a day.. then add-on tending to guests and their needs. That leads to extremely long days fueled with Red Bulls, coffee and at times margaritas to keep the soul happy. Balance is key.

There is a saying, work hard.. play hard. This life style is exactly that. Being extremely small, its common to run into other crews your friends with. The first time you see a friend in a foreign country after being away from everyone is cause to celebrate. As stated above the work hard play hard life style is a real thing. Instead of going to your normal bar after work you party around the world. I can tell you the best bar on about 12 different Caribbean islands as well as the best beaches to tan at. That is crucial information if you want to avoid tourists!!

This life style comes with its down falls like anything else in life. Not everything is rainbows and sparkles. That would be silly! Over my extremely short career I figured out the cons pretty quickly. Like anything you have to decide if its worth it. Either take the bullshit or make moves.

Funny story about putting up with stupid bullshit on boats. I once packed up all my stuff the second we docked and walked away. The boat was toxic! I actually believe maybe even cursed! Being my very first boat I have no idea what I was thinking walking away. But the thing is there are tons upon tons of boats. People always need crew. Within a few weeks I was flying to ST. Maarten a country I’ve never been to live with people I’ve never met.

This whole industry is wicked different from any where you’ve ever worked. One day you may be sitting on a couch in a crew house partying the next flying to and island. It takes a certain type of person to do this job. More often than not, I would have zero idea of where in the world I was. I also had no idea where we were headed as well as plans for tomorrow. Yachting is super spontaneous .. Living in the unknown is an everyday occurrence.

The most important thing is to of course get your tasks done. I have spent more hours than anyone ever should ironing beds. Yes you read that correctly, ironing beds because god forbid one wrinkle. I have learned one thing and its the most important thing, find a crew that can make ironing beds fun, cares about you, and most importantly put up with the weirdness. If you find that well then iron all the beds, this is a unicorn boat and never make the mistake I did and leave.

Take advantage of every opportunity presented in front of you. Jetski in Exuma, visit a grotto, dive with nurse sharks, jump off bars topless for a shirt, kayak in a bioluminescent bay. The chances may never come twice, in fact life doesn’t happen twice.  If that means you have to make some beds and serve drinks that’s a small price to pay. Well it is in  my eyes anyways. Do more of what sets your soul on fire.

Stay groovy!


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