Frequent Flyer


Something that absolutely blows my mind is how every single person in this world lives their very own life. Sitting in an airport on my way to Nashville for a little week road trip back to Boston, I can’t help but people watch. There is a handful of people sleeping, almost everyone else looking and their cellphones, and a few lucky moms chasing their very energetic toddlers around.

Does anyone else ever make up stories for people? The guy in the business suite works for a super fancy real-estate office while the mom chasing her toddler around who looks kind of disheveled is actually a high-powered attorney. It may be stern-typical but in a way I tend to try to make their lives more glamorous.

It amazes me that I am currently sitting next to these people but know absolutely nothing about them, yet I’m about to board a flight leading to the same destination. Our lives may be drastically different but every one of the passengers on this 6:00 am flight is brought together with this one similarity.

It amazes me how many people populate this earth yet our circle remains so small. In a way I consider myself very lucky, I have this weird ability to start a conversation up with just about anyone. Doing this has proven my little theories I make up about people’s live completely wrong. Actually most the time I’m shocked by how amazing people can be. Fair warning you will meet the occasional person who is rude and mean. Ignore those people they suck and probably have sad lives.

Next time you have a lay-over try making friends. You never know what doors could possibly be opened just by saying hi. At the very least if sure will make time pass a hell of a lot quicker.

Stay Groovy !


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