Just this past weekend, I went on a day hike with my oldest friend. Okay I know what your thinking, what is the big deal? Did you hike Mount Everest or something… well no. We didn’t hike a mountain nearly that badass. The thing is, it’s still kinda is a big deal in its own special way. So pull out those reading glasses and get comfy, for this story is about to begin.

This friend I went hiking with is my childhood best friend. We lived 9 houses apart on a dead-end street in my hometown of Beverly. With a park at the end and almost every household with children, there was tons of kids on the street. After school and the weekends were filled with more adventures, laughs, and skinned knees than one can ever imagine. Looking back on my childhood, I’m blessed I had the chance to experience that level of fun and joy.

One sunny day, I met the girl up the street, that day she became my very first best friend. We were thick as thieves, the modern-day Thelma and Louise. With the same exact birthday there was an unexplainable bond. Countless hours we spent adventuring, doing lemonade stands, and just being goofy kids. Honestly, it is the kind of friendship people read about in novels. I believe there is magic in the world hidden in plain sight. This is one of those cases.

Years went by and our lives took different paths. Both moving away from our street, we began to live our own lives. Social media kept the link between us going. Before I realized it, a decade past. A decade! The girl who my parents adopted into our family since we were attached at the hip, was now a stranger.

I am a huge believer in signs, if you pay attention, the universe sends a good amount of them. Just last month while sitting at a red light one of those little messages came my way. I messaged my childhood best friend on Instagram, of all things. The following week we were meeting up. The thing is nothing really changed, 10 years passed and our friendship was exactly the same as if we just talked yesterday. Playing catch up for a decades worth of information isn’t easy, it sure does make for a fun trip down memory lane.

So back to the hiking trip that I’m sure you forgot about by now. The day started with waking up at the crack of dawn to get to the mountain. After driving 2 hours we find out dogs aren’t allowed in this state park. Instead of leaving what do we do? Put her little pup into her backpack and hike. We actually hiked the whole mountain smuggling that little guy into the forest. What does Loki (that’s the dog’s name) think about this situation? He just chills in the backpack and just looks around. You read that correctly, this dog literally just sat there in a backpack and hangs out. Coolest dog I’ve met to this day without a doubt.


Just from a little message on Instagram, one of my best friends came back into my life. I will be the first one to admit my friend group is pretty small. I can count my best friends on one hand. If you are considered one of those few people (and you know exactly who you are) give yourself a pat on the back. Your friendship me means everything and I will never give up on it. I don’t care how much time has passed. Clearly, considering 10 years have passed in this case. I will always be in your corner ready to stick up for you, wipe the tears, or make you smile on a moments notice. Thats what happens when you reach that level, the best friend level. Don’t take it lightly even for a second. The thing is you know too much, I’d have to kill you if we stopped being friends. Just kidding, kinda.  🙂

So people, if you have made it this far there is always a moral to the story. Just like in those little fairy tales your parents read to you as a kid. Friends are just as important as family. Eventually if your lucky they will become your second family. Reach out to those friends you haven’t talked to in a while, if anything it will be good for your soul. There was a reason you were once so close with that person. If it’s a true friendship that won’t fade no matter how much time has passed. Trust me on that!

Stay groovy!


1 thought on “Decades”

  1. You are an amazing writer, adventurer, and friend! Thanking my lucky stars for you girl, and for the lessons we learned during our years apart. So many adventures to come!


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