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Pen 2 Paper or Fingers 2 Keys


I may be a newbie to the blogging scene but I think it has its pros and cons. I love the power of sharing my adventures with the world. Anyone on this globe, even in space, can read what I write. At any given moment they can pull up this page. That is truly amazing! Go internet.  If I can make someone laugh or relate to my weird life then that’s pretty sweet.

One thing about diaries is the power, pen to paper. That old school charm. With doodles on the sides of the pages and the scribbles of misspelled words, is its own antique gem. It doesn’t matter how good a blog may look, it will never portray the character of a hand written journal. Blogs don’t have the unique hand written words that change as the post goes on. Blogs also won’t have the rainbow of colors as you flip through from different color pens that were forced to be written in. But of course, there are many bloggers up for the challenge.

First of all, I never kept a pink bedazzled diary covered in hearts spilling all my secret crushes as a kid . I’m just not that kind of girl. I didn’t even start writing regularly until recently. Today, do in fact keep a travel journal. If you want to call it the same thing, well…so be it. A journal to me is more rugged, tough, and in its own particular way real. Its survived being squished, torn apart, and multiple countries. I bring this bound together stack of papers everywhere I go.

Hidden deep within those pages are words no one else has had the pleasure of viewing. Writing has proven to be an amazing form of therapy. When it was just me wandering around, that journal and I kept it real. Lost between those pages are all my secrets, drunken adventures(that I can still remember), and memories I’ll  be able to recall when I’m old and grey. If that last sentence isn’t a good enough reason for you to start a journal, I’m not sure what is.

Journaling is something that goes way back as far as I can remember. As a little girl, I have vivid memories of my mom writing away in her little books. It was just something she did, I actually never thought twice about it. As I got older I realized this was a dying trend. Kind of like those once famous Blockbusters or telephone booths. That old school charm is fading. Now if you are one of those who journal.. keep that shit up! Your killing it!

Back to my mom and her journal, it was only a year ago I got to experience the power they hold. My dad gave me a journal she wrote addressed to me. More often than not, I would be sitting right next to her as she scribbled away. Actually, almost on-top over her snuggled in watching tele, some of those times she was writing to me. Back then I had not a single clue. Today, those hand written pages is one of my most prize possessions. It gives me back a piece of her.

Now, I haven’t been a journal person my whole life. That is has only been a year-long hobby of mine. Before setting out of my first solo travel adventure my nana gave me a journal. In a way she wanted knew how much my mom enjoyed it and wanted me to have the same. I honest to god forced myself to write in that thing everyday. It was like pulling teeth, as my dad would say. Something I resented so much became something I looked forward too. I actually hated skipping writing a day in fear I would forget to include details. Who knew I would fall in love? I honestly think the seed was planted many years ago, by observing my mom just doing something she enjoyed. Not going to lie I’m grateful beyond belief I have a mother as cool as I do.

Okay I realize this is a blog. Trust me! The thing is I am a firm head over heals supporter of journaling. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it. Actually most of these posts are pre-planned in my journals. I prefer to write them out before typing. I have to write out everything I write, from this blog to school work. Yes, it takes way more time and gives me hand cramps.. constantly. The thing is, I have done it this way for as long as I can remember, I can’t possibly change now. Lets not be crazy over here.

Going from my hand written pages to trying away on the keyboard is not as bad as I thought. I like sharing my stories and thoughts with people. They need to be heard. I would never reach as many people with my journal I’m not that famous and cool. I guess ill just continue to keep both going. Most importantly for the memories when they begin to fade as the years go by. Also, to share with who ever wants to read, my quirky little life. Comment with your thoughts below!

Stay Groovy!


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