Tan Lines to Ski Poles


My adventurous spirit is not a new thing. Ask my family and my oldest friends, I have always been a curious child. I’m going to take guys way way back to last January for this one. Get ready to time travel folks!

Okay so I had been living in the islands for the last 7 months at this point. During that time period I fell head over heels in love. 

Okay just putting it out there, I have worn heels all of one time in my whole 23 years of existence. That night, resulted  in scars on my feet from the blisters and a piggy-back ride home. I do not have any memory of falling head over heels BUT it I was extremely drunk so it could have happened. True story not lying. I’m more of a flip-flop / barefoot kinda girl. 

That being said the island life is the life I want to live. With the decision to head back to school to finish my degree, I had to leave. Back to the frozen tundra I go.. well not exactly a tundra but close enough. It’s really a little town north of Boston, Ma.

This normally isn’t so bad, New Englanders have developed a defense against the cold. Its called, thick blood. Well mine thinned all the way to the thinnest of thin it can get. I can’t even stand being in a place below 70 degrees, to this day. I’m not sure I’ll ever truly be able to stand New England winters, never have, probably never will. The one thing that will keep me coming back to the cold no matter how small the number reads on the thermometer is skiing.

My family is a family of skiers. Having a camp in Maine, we spent countless weekends on the slopes in the winter and endless summer days being towed behind the power boat. In my  family the love of skiing runs deep. Usually, every year my parents head out west to do some “real skiing” as they say. Being in college and working my life away I never got the chance. Instead, I had to settle with the icy slopes of New England. The thing is, I was fine with that. Mostly, because I never got a taste of the good life.


Flash back to two weeks before leaving my job down in St. Thomas. We had just dropped off a charter and received a huge tip. I’m sitting in the main salon half ready to sleep for 4 days and half ready to drink the entire liquor content of the bar. This is when I check my email and see how cheap flights are out to Salt Lake City. Right there without even thinking or looking into anything else, I book the flight. I didn’t look into any hotels, lift ticket prices, my class schedule, or even transportation. It didn’t matter. I was going and whatever happened along the way was okay by me.

I would be home for all of 4 days before leaving again. Actually, at the time I didn’t even notice but I would be missing my first 2 clinical classes. I truthfully didn’t even care for a second. Does this make me a bad student.. probably but whatever.  This trip was originally supposed to be a solo adventure, after traveling alone in the islands I was kinda used to it. That doesn’t scare me anymore..what does scare me? Being stuck doing the same thing day in and day out “routines,” yes that scares me.


After one of my friends found out my plans, she booked a plane ticket the following day. This solo adventure turned into girls trip. It was kinda nice in a way, she is a super planner.. I am not. She took care of all the details before I came home, and planned everything. It was like having a travel agent.

This long weekend adventure was exactly what I needed in my life. Directly after my first class, we left for the airport.

The following days consisted of skiing and going to bars. Coincidentally, it was Sundance Film Festival the weekend we were there. If you don’t know what this was don’t feel weird. I had no idea either. I had to google it. Pretty much its all those hipster wanna be movie stars coming together to watch films. I did see some famous people out at the bars which was pretty cool. Max from Parenthood was at the table next to me and Claire Bowen a star form Nashville was standing in line near me. It’s honestly kind of weird seeing people you watch on tv out in the real world. In case you all didn’t know, actors are real people too. 

Everyone who is a skier and has skis out west will always say its the best. Now, that I have finally experienced this heaven on earth. I completely agree. I never want to ski on the icy slopes of New England again, of course I will. Lets not be crazy over here.

In the span of 3 days, we skied Park City, Canyons, and Deer Valley. Of those three, Deer Valley was my favorite. The views from Canyons was absolutely breath-taking don’t get me wrong. Deer Valley though has the best vibe. You ski in-between multi-million dollar houses and then can go over to the backside and ski the backwoods. My absolute favorite part you may ask.. the turkey chili.

Every year, my dad comes back with packages of turkey chili seasoning to make for us. This has become a nice little luxury. It is AMAZING. If you have never had this chili get your butt to Deer Valley and buy a bowl immediately! There is nothing like it. Being the amazing daughter I am, I bought every single one the mountain store had. The lady thought I was a little crazy. Honestly, I am, so its nothing new.


My dad was our personal tour guide form the other side of the country. Organizing a trip every year with the guys on the fire department (yes my dad is a firefighter) he knows Park City just as good as the locals.

After 3 days of skiing all day then going to the bars my legs were shot. Skiing Deer Valley on our last day then driving down to Salt Lake City to catch our red-eye home, it was a long day.  Getting there early we drove around the city. In its own little way its picture perfect. The Mormon church is unreal and a must see for sure. It’s cool but if you are from the east cost you understand how In-N-Out burger is just something you see on social media. Well they have one! Two bucket list items were checked off this weekend. Skiing out West and eating at this burger place. It was honestly amazing. What you have heard is true! GO get a burger asap, look up the secret menu online. Its a thing, trust me!


After stuffing our faces we head to the airport. What happened next is just a normal occurrence in my struggle of everyday life. We showed up to the airport on the wrong day. THE WRONG DAY. A whole day early actually. How we managed that? Not a single clue. Honestly I’m still shocked about it today from how much of a planner my friend is. The only thing I could do while standing at that JetBlue counter was laugh uncontrollably. The lady was staring at me like I was a nut. Luckily, we were able to get stand by seats and get home that night. Thank god, we no longer had a hotel room or car so hanging out in the airport was a real possibility.

Solo travel is cool but if a friend just happens to be able to join it always turns to even more of an adventure. A ton of other events did take place in our adventures, if I wrote about those she would probably hit me with a car. I’m not even joking about that, she would literally hit me with a car. The thing is, I have way to many things I want to see in this world so I will not be sharing those details.

It only took me 5 months to finally make the GoPro video that should have been done the week after the trip. I got a little side tracked. 🙂 Let me know what you think of it! Not going to lie when I wasnt skiing I did freeze my but off from that whole thinned blood concept. It was worth it 110%. Islands to mountains is the only way to do it! Travel as much as you can people trust me on this! Its good for your soul!

Stay Groovy!


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