This story,  I’m about to tell is the story of the night I was introduced to a mudslide. This oh so tasty drink, proved to be deadly. At the time I made it 22 years without tasting this delicious alcoholic milk shake legally or illegally .. how? I have not a single clue. 

This night was a night that will be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life. Yes, it’s hazy at parts, the alcohol is to blame for that one. 

This night started out like any other. At the time I was living on St. Marteen. It was just the boys and I ( my captain and mate) our chef was away on holiday. Now let me just fill you in a little, this was my second week on the yacht with this brand new crew. We really didn’t even know each other. That didn’t stop us from adventuring after work every single day. 

The Pink Iguana, is and always will be my favorite bar of all time. It’s a 100 year old tug boat from New York City. With a pink paint job, some lights, speakers, and an excessive amount of alcohol onboard. It has its own magical charm. I’m not sure if it’s the bar I like the best or the owner Carl, to be honest. Carl is a man of very few words. When he talks you listen. This guy has lived a life you could only dream of. Many nights and countless hours I spent sitting on a bar stool listening to his stories. Drinking until the wee hours of the morning. If I get a chance to live a life of adventures like he has, I’ll die a very happy girl. 

This night started with our captain informing my mate and I he was thirsty, the car was leaving, so we best get in. Of course we dropped everything found our shoes and ran down the dock. This is the islands, besides sitting at the beach and snorkeling the bar is the only other thing to do.  

Pulling up to the bar at 3, all the regular suspects were already perched on their stoops, with a cold beer already half gone. After a couple hours my captain decided, he needs a mudslide. In that moment my life was changed. He was flabbergasted I had never tried one followed by him insisting I try a sip. Well, I fell in love. 

That’s when the night really started. We all started sucking those cool drinks down faster than the blender could blend. I know this probably wasn’t the best idea, considering well I don’t have the highest alcohol tolerance. Trying to keep up with two guys .. ya let’s just say I was well on my way to drunk. 

After countless drinks, shots of patron, spilling two drinks, and meeting “Mr. Monopoly” man I was feeling pretty good. ( Mr. Monopoly man is the man in charge of the court system of Holland. I’m not making this up. He really looked like the game logo as well as being in charge of the courts system. And was sitting next to me at the bar.) 

That’s when the topic of jumping topless off the bar came up. 

I’m sure you all have heard of Willy T’s, it’s a boat bar in the BVI’s. It is  famous for girls jumping topless off for a free t shirt. 

Anyways, since the Pink Iguana is a boat in Simpson bay girls have walked the plank just like Willy T’s. At the time Carl had witnessed 68 girls take the plunge since he became the owner. 68. Guess who was lucky number 69. Well guess what, your reading her blog right now. 

I’m currently sitting at a home- run derby competition my cousin is in typing this little story. I’m shocked I’m sharing it actually. This is a blog of my travels as well as life and adventures, I feel I would be cheating you guys if I left this night out. 

After we out drank everyone else at the bar; just Carl, my captain, my mate, and I remain. That’s when my mate was being a wise ass and dared me to jump off topless. 

After months of living with my mate I should inform you guys. We fight and bicker back and forth like brother and sister. It’s just what we do. Our friendship is based off it. 

Side note: I hate turning down a dare. Absolutely hate it ! I’ve done some pretty stupid things to be honest that could of had serious consequences. Knock on wood nothing bad has ever happened. Just keep in mind if you dare me, there’s a more than good chance I’ll take you up on it … and win. 

Part of the bet my mate made was that if I jumped off topless than he would buy my alcohol and food for a week. Aside from that, Carl would give me a free shirt and I would go down in history for being the 69th jumper. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t mostly do it for the free shirt. 

As the night went on I listened to my mate nagging me about being too chicken. Trust me, I’m no chicken. I have this sick ability to turn off my fear. I’ve sky dived and gone cliff diving in quarry’s back home. Jumping off a boat wasn’t that intimidating. What scared me.. the water being cold. I hate being cold. 

After listening them for 2 hours, I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped off the stool got myself on the roof of the pink tug boat. The guys all thought I was going to the restroom but when I threw my cloths down they all knew what was about to happen. 

Drunkenly climbing over the edge of the boat while being topless was kinda sketchy. If I slipped, I would fall down the side of a rust bucket. In all honestly this was a legitimate  concern. Just sitting at the bar would result in getting tetanus, that’s one of the reasons it’s my favorite bar. Falling down the side and scraping my whole body, with out a doubt result in a whole boatload of issues.  ( see what I did there.. boatload ) 

Thankfully, I didn’t fall to my death. According to my captain, when I did finally jump, I jumped so far out I almost hit the neighboring boat. Turns out I have flying abilities. 

Not only were the guys shocked beyond belief I actually did it, they now had to stick to their end of the dare. 

Being pulled up by the wrists by my first mate and captain, they got a pretty good view. I’m actually laughing about it right now just thinking about that moment. I had known these two guys a very short amount of time. I’m officially going down in history of being that stew who jumped off the bar topless. To the honest I’m perfectly fine with that. 

My mate now had to buy all my drinks and food and Carl had to give me two shirts. See part of the deal I put into affect that wasn’t mentioned earlier,  was if I had piercings I got two shirts. I may have gotten two shirts just because Carl was a groovy guy and knew I was having a difficult time deciding between the two colors. OR it could of been because I had piercings. 

The thing is, you readers will never truly know why unless you were there, which you weren’t. Or your one of my friends. 

In the end yes, I jumped off a boat bar topless. It was fun and I would without a doubt do it again. My motto is – fuck it. I also view my life differently than most.  I believe you only have so many good years to really truly live , experiences can only come around once. Do all you can while you can! I NEVER want to look back with regret of not doing something crazy for whatever reason. 

The picture

This is the story of the night I just as introduced to mudslides. So, next time your on the island of St. Marteen say hi to my friend Carl. Tell him Ashley the 69th jumper says hello! Have a drink maybe a mudslide even,  let him tell you one of his stories .. you won’t regret this and WILL have a night to remember. 

(Special thanks to those who edit these posts. If an issue is spotted, I’m not to blame. Read around it or something. )

Stay Groovy!


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