The Dress

Anyone would agree with the fact that the weddings have only three good parts. These three simple parts include; the food, drink and dancing. Yes, the whole union of two people, for all of eternity is cool and all but, don’t lie to yourselves. We all go because of those three simple parts  listed above. 

This past October, I was invited to attend my Aunts wedding. Actually I wasn’t just invited, I was a in the wedding party as a bridesmaid. This was pretty cool considering I hadn’t been in a wedding in years. The other times I’d been part of the wedding party, I was too young to watch MTV and had a curfew before the sun set.  This time was different. I was finally old enough to participate in wedding activities. More importantly I was finally old enough to drink so I now, after many years of waiting could take advantage of the open bar. 

A whole year in advance, the bride and other bridesmaids set out on a mission, to find the perfect dresses. Now, if you guys have read my other posts you know my stand point of dresses. If you haven’t I’ll gladly remind you. Dresses and I are not friends. The number of times I’ve worn a dress can be counted, on one hand. For some odd stroke of fate, I was the one who picked the dress out. My deal-breaker well, the dress had pockets. Yup, you read that correctly, POCKETS. I was sold right then and here. For some odd reason I still don’t understand why my aunt chose that dress for the wedding. I still am convinced it’s because I actually liked a dress, for once in my life. To this day, its still a mystery.

In the beginning, there wasn’t a reason in the world I wouldn’t be there in her special day. The events that follow are some weird stroke of fate. Why these things happened ..? I will never know. I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. That being said I must of been at the right place at the right time. 

A month and a half before the wedding date, I took a job in the Caribbean. Since starting my career in yachting, I had managed to miss every other wedding event. (All but picking out that dress).  Am I now considered the black sheep of he family ? Well yes- at least I’m pretty sure I am. Its not just from missing the wedding. I’ve missed; holidays, birthdays, school plays, and way to many pizza Fridays. It may sound weird but, pizza Fridays are religion in my house. This custom dates back at least 20 years, two whole decades. That may not seem long but, I’m 23, at this point in time its a known fact. Fridays are for pizza like Tuesdays are for tacos. I could go on about the countless events I’ve missed but, I believe y’all understand the point.

The thing that I’m just realizing now, is this… it’s hard to be away,  at times it even sucks. I’m beyond lucky, my family watched, and encouraged me follow to my dreams. Yes, I don’t know where I am in the world half the time. On top of this I have little to no reception, making a simple phone call nearly impossible. Family-that love , it runs deep. They understand. I pray they do anyways. 

With the wedding just around the corner, chances of me flying home for the weekend looked slim. One night, a week before the wedding, my captain gives me permission to take a day off and fly home. We were at the Pink Iguana our favorite bar, all more than half in the bar I had to jump on this chance before the offer was taken away.. Before even finishing the sentence I had a flight booked. I wasn’t even going to be home a full 48 hours and was putting an insane charge on my credit card. This is why credit cards were invented though, right?  Being my first time seeing my family since June, I jumped at that opportunity. Who wouldn’t! I will admit, for the very first time in my life, I was getting homesick 

I’m superstitious person, I believe its stems from my years playing on sports teams.  I hate getting too exited for anything. Every single time I do, I jinx it, and everything falls to shambles. Well the following is a perfect example, why I will never get too exited for anything again. I will wait until it’s actually happening.

My mate drove me to the airport that Friday, only a day before the wedding. After clearing security and getting a snack, I took a seat and start reading the book I brought  for the flight. By the time my flight landed in Boston, there was only hours until start of the wedding.  

Right before I should of been boarding the plane the plane, a JetBlue representative comes over the intercom and announces there is a delay. At first it didn’t even phase me. I fly all the time. Its actually kinda weird how familiar I am with airports that how often I’m up in the air.

This small delay was starting to put a little glitch in my plans.

You see, only one person knew I was coming home, one. This was supposed to be a surprise for everyone in my family. The plan was to show up at the rehearsal dinner and shock the socks off everyone. I love surprises! everything about them, so surprising others is my favorite.

The delay turned into hours. Then the world got ripped away beneath me. I walked over  to see the plane I was to fly off the island in,  it was in pieces across the tarmac . The engine was scattered over a 10 foot area with 5 different crew working on it. Before the announcement came over the intercom sharing the news of cancellation, I knew.

I called my parents and explained the details of how for some reason I was meant to stay on the island. Who knows what was wrong with the plan or what could of happened if it took off. I believe it was fate working its magic.

My favorite bar, the Pink Iguana was directly across from the airport. Being my crews favorite spot I walked over to meet the guys. My mate, whose an amazing dude, knew before I said a word. He could see the straight up disappointment on my face. Thats when the adventure began.

We adventured around the island until the very early hours of the morning. By adventure, I don’t mean we walked around like to goons looking at scenery. We went on one of our nightly bar crawls.

The next evening, the night of the wedding. My mate and I went to the Skank Bar. Yeah I know horrible name right. The thing is, this bar has the best wifi on the island and also pretty good appetizers. From there, I Facetimed my family and said hi to everyone.

The thing is, yes I missed the wedding. It happened but there is a reason for it. What? I may never know. I’m okay with that. I have the worlds best guardian angel and I believe she works her magic and point me in the right direction.

So readers, if you have made it this far! Congrats for having the attention span. The lesson I took away from this experience and why I am sharing is this. Don’t let the fear of missing out prevent you from doing what you love. Yes, it will be a hard choice but pick one. If anything go where your soul is happy. Be selfish at times, not all the time, just sometimes. Your family of all people will understand… of course only if they are cool like mine. Which in your case, I really hope they are.

The dress that I was suppose to wear that October day, still hangs in my closet. My hope is I wear it to a royal-ball. Yes, its childish I know. A girl can only dream, okay. Until then, it will stay hidden away waiting for its special time to shine.

Stay Groovy!


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