life is good

Currently sitting shotgun, cruising down the highway with every window down, I am happy. See, these past two days I have been at my favorite place on this earth. This place I speak of, well, that would be my camp. 
Hidden down a dirt driveway between an endless sea of pine trees sits two camps. Being just steps from the beach and an arms throw from the lake. it’s everything you imagine a camp to be and then some. To me it’s everything. 
Roughly 17 years ago, my mother sent my father on a mission. He had one job. Find a place on the lake to spend summers with the kids. Being the amazing dad and also husband he is, he followed her instructions. I’m actually tearing up a little writing this post from all the memories that are coming flooding back to me. 
I can honestly sit here and say growing up on the lake is the best thing to ever happen to me. I had one of the best childhoods a girl could ask for. And I got to spend it with the people I care most about in life. My family. 
Hidden down this dirt driveway, I caught my very first fish, learned to drive a jet ski as well as every other toy, build a killer campfire, and most importantly just relax and live. 
My mom, brother, and I lived there all summer. From the day school got out until the day before class started again. If people wanted to see us, like our dad, they had to drive the two hour drive north. 
Looking back on these summers today, I treasure every single moment. This is especially important to me because of the time I spent with my mom. Life gets real. And you loose people you thought would be around forever. I can feel her with me always but when I’m at he camp the connection is even stronger. 

This is the woman who introduced me to my two true passions in life, photography and traveling. Because of her, I have no fear when it comes to seeing this world we live on. Though, I have been to some of the most amazing places earth has to offer, the camp is still my favorite. 
Cruising around the lake on her yellow jet ski that she taught me on, I feel like a little kid again. She was a mad woman and tore up the lake every chance she had. That was her toy. Today, I am the same way. Like mother like daughter I guess. 
I guess no matter how far you travel and grow, at the end of the day, you will still be drawn back to what makes your soul happy. I may be from a small town just north of Boston. But I have some Maine blood running in my veins. That’s what happens after nearly two decades. 
I can say one thing, no matter how far I go in this world, I will always be counting down the days until I can drive down that dirt driveway again. 

If you understand lake life and what that means, you are an extremely lucky person. If you don’t, I’m truly sorry. I highly advise you to make a friend with a camp. Even better, buy your own. You won’t regret it. I can guarantee that! 
Stay Groovy! 


3 thoughts on “life is good”

  1. i dont know lake life and indeed i am super jealous. ive always wanted to be able to just sit by the waters after dinner and just relax. one day.


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