Stop and think just for a second before you continue reading. What makes your best friend your best friend?

Okay, did you actually stop and think about this? If you did good, you listened! If you didn’t, well, you’re a little rebel! I like you already.

When thinking about your best friend who came to mind? Was it just one person or more than one? What separates them from your regular friends?

I know this blog post has a lot of thinking to do. But, you know what, thinking is good for you sometimes. You have to keep that brain sharp any way you can.

When I stop to think of my best friends, their names pop into my head immediately. These selected few people, and by select I  really mean it,  since it’s just two people. Yep you read that right, just two.

Okay just to clear things up, my I do have other friends. In many different places around the world. There is a huge difference between friends and best friends.

What separates the two? Well while thinking about this topic on the way home from the beach and I came up with a few ideas. This is a short list of why my best friends are my best friends.


  1. We can be my weird, goofy, awkward self around each other. Without fear of not being friends.
  2. Supporting each others dreams and goals. No matter how stupid and crazy they seem.
  3. Being saved to my favorites to make calling, texting, and face timing quicker. You know because scrolling down to their name can just be too much work.
  4. Emojis are next to names, of course!
  5. Speaking multiple times a day, using various forms of communication. Including, texting, face timing, calling, social media, and at times even email.
  6. Being keepers of any and all the deepest darkest secrets.  Pretty much at this point we can no longer not be friends, we would have to kill each other . Luckily, I don’t see that happening.
  7. Letting one drive even though it’s a known fact, the passenger is scared for their life.
  8. Trying to make each other better humans. This comes in many forms. A sucessful one is the fear tactic. It’s proven to work well on me in particular.
  9. “Moming” each other when needed.
  10. Constantly going along with a something dumb, stupid, or even crazy because well, you can let them do it alone.
  11. Sitting in silence for a crazy amount of time doing absolutely nothing without it being weird.
  12. Of course, liking anything they do on social media.
  13. Hating someone just because they hate that person. Even if you’ve never even seen them in real life and only know them via stories.
  14. Having an insane amount of pictures to be used as blackmail. Stored away to be broken out on those oh so special occasions.
  15. Telling each other you love them. Because well, its true.
  16. Jumping at any chance to visit, even if that means getting on a plane or going on a road trip. Distance means nothing. 
  17. Having nothing change no matter how long its been since you’ve last seen each other.
  18. Going out to do errands and always ending up on an adventure.
  19. Being each others partners in crime, ALWAYS.
  20. Knowing how to read each other in such a way where you know exactly what the other is thinking.
  21. Sticking by each other during those dark and twisty phases of life that sometimes sneak up on us.
  22. Wanting NOTHING more than for good vibes in life.
  23. Knowing deep down this friendship will last well into old age.
  24. Becoming the adopted child in your best friends family.
  25. Stopping at nothing when it comes to always being there for eachother.


Honestly, this list could go on forever, I don’t want to bore you to tears over here. IF you have a best friend(s) I’m sure you can relate to this list above.

I don’t believe for a second that the amount of time you’ve known this person is relevant to why they are your best friend. There is a quote I love,  A person you’ve just met can have better intentions that someone you’ve known your whole life. People come into our lives for a reason! Some remain just friends which is fine, then there are the special ones, thuse lucky indivisuals get promoted to a best friend.

This could be the girl you met working at a tanning salon. Or the girl who showed up late to the first day of boater safety class. You never really know who or when someone will come into your life.

So, if you have made it this far call your bestie and tell them how much you love them and cherish their friendship! I don’t care that they already know, do it. A little reminder every once in a while isn’t a bad thing. Trust me!

To my besties reading this post, since I know y’all will see it eventually. Thank you for being the amazing, crazy, loving, and adventures people you are. My life would most likely suck without you. I am grateful for the memories and look forward to the adventures ahead. Love you more than all the fish in the sea, even the mermaids! In case you dont know, thats a whole lot of loving.

Stay Groovy!


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