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Hey people, who follow my blog!

Whats up? How’s the start of the new week going for ya?

I am currently laying down in bed, half dead. Thats what happens when a person goes to the gym twice in one day. Why did I go to the gym twice? Well the thing is, this is what I do when I’m stressed or need to think. In reality, I was bored. That was a big contributer.

I have a small dilemma… well if you want to call it that.

So here it is.

I have 3 options, for what I am about to do with my life.

Option #1- Move to Fort Lauderdale, get an apartment and become a freelance stew. Also, possibly get my license to practice (respiratory license) and work per diem in one of the local hospitals. This will give me the ability to focus on pineapples. You will understand what I mean by, pineapples in due time.

Option #2- Take a deck/stew job on a motor yacht. This boat is traveling from Florida to Boston then crossing the pond over to Greece and Italy. It doesn’t stop there, the boat then makes its way down to the Caribbean again before returning to Florida. This is an amazing opportunity! I’m just a little hesitant because I will be gone for at least a year.

Option #3- Go watch my cousin play in a tournament, in South Africa. She is training to play field hockey in the Olympics and gets to go to these really cool places. From South Africa, I would travel to Spain to visit previous charter guests before returning to the states and moving to Fort Lauderdale. Then I would ultimately get back onto another yacht again.


Out of these three options, one thing is for sure. Staying in New England is not going to happen. I will gladly fly home to visit on weekends but staying here full-time, not  going to happen. I have been here to long and need an adventure in my life. It’s just a matter of picking which one. I don’t believe there is a wrong option out of the three, well I hope so anyways.

So my question for you readers is, which one would you choose ? Why?

Just a fair warning, I will most likely wake up one morning and buy a ticket to go backpacking around Utah. I’m spontaneous and like living on the edge like that. As of right now I have nothing holding me here so I can pretty much do whatever my little heart wants.

What would you guys do? Leave a comment if you’re not too shy! I promise I will read it. Maybe even take what you have to say into consideration.

So, what will it be? Option 1,2,or 3?

Stay Groovy!


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